Ben Strebel

Micra N-sport
Born to Go
The hour
The idea
Ben Strebel is a Swiss director living in Londonwhose reel shows a wealth of eye-catching work.

He is multi-faceted director of music videos,content, fiction and commercials who looks for thebeauty in the unexpected and strives to give a voice tothe outsiders in society.

The son of a DP, Ben’s first foray into filmmaking was at thetender age of 11 when he borrowed his dad’s VHS camera tomake films.

Ben then headed up to Edinburgh to study Historyof Art.

His commercials includes work for Nike, Lexus, Apple, Nissan,Adidas, BMW, LG, AllSaints...He has also made videos for NaughtyBoy, Phoenix, Animal Kingdom, Clock Opera, The Kills.In his recentwork for Nissan Micra N-Sport, Ben Strebel breaks up with traditionalcodes of automotive films, insufling a high level of modernity.